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English Chinese Translation Services
(US based Chinese Translators):

  • Translate from English to/from Chinese

  • Proofreading English/Chinese Translation

  • Simplified or Traditional Chinese Translation

  • Certified and/or Notarized Translation for:

    • USCIS (Immigration, Green Card, Asylum), Court, Education

    • Birth, Marriage, Degree, Medical or Other Certificates

  • Translate Legal, Finance, Technical, Business, Personal or Medical Documents

  • Translate Websites, Marketing Brochures

  • By Professional Chinese Translators in the US

Chinese Mandarin & Cantonese Interpretation Services (California, USA):

  • Interpret/Translate English/Chinese On-Site or On-the-Phone

  • Interpret English to/from Mandarin or Cantonese Chinese

  • Consecutive, Escort or Simultaneous Chinese Interpretation

  • By Appointment Only, Except Special On-call Services

  • Primarily Serve San Francisco Bay Area and Sacramento area in California, USA

About Us:

  • We are US based Chinese Translators and Mandarin & Cantonese Interpreters led by Michelle You.

  • All our primary Translators/Interpreters are American Chinese with rich working experience and high education from top schools in the US and China.

  • 我们的主要英文笔译员、英语口译员都是美籍华裔,中美名牌高校毕业,有在美国学习、工作和生活的丰富经历和多年的翻译经验!

Our Clients:

  • Businesses

  • Law Firms

  • High Tech Companies

  • California Courts

  • Schools

  • Clinics

  • Hospitals

  • Banks

  • Insurance Companies

  • Government Agencies

  • Individuals

Areas of Specialization:

English Chinese Legal Translation Interpretation 法律文件翻译、法庭翻译、律师会议口译:

    • Translate Contracts, Corporate Minutes, Other Legal Documents, Notarized/Certified Translation, Attorney Client Meetings, Depositions, Court Hearings, Appointments at and Government Agencies, etc.

English Chinese Immigration Translation Interpretation 移民资料翻译、移民绿卡庇护面试口译 :

    • Notarized / Certified Translation for Certificates, Green Card or Citizenship Applications, Immigration Records & Statements, Immigration Interviews, etc.

English Chinese Business Translation Interpretation 商务合同资料翻译、国际商务会议及高端谈判口译:

      • Translate Financial Documents, Marketing, Website, Insurance, Tax, Corporate Documents, HR, Letters, General, Healthcare

English Chinese Technical Translation Interpretation 技术资料及专业网站翻译、技术会议口译:

English Chinese Medical Translation Interpretation 医疗资料翻译、医疗会诊口译:

      • Medical Records, General Medical Translation, Health Care, Medicare, Medical Appointments Translation and Interpreting

English Chinese General Translation Interpretation in General Areas 其他文件翻译、各种会议口译:

    • Translate from English to Chinese, Translate from Chinese to English, Simplified or Traditional Chinese, Mandarin or Cantonese

Legal Chinese Translation, Technical Chinese Translation, Business Chinese Translation, Financial Chinese Translation, Marketing Chinese Translation, General Chinese Translation, Website Localization, Certified Chinese Translation, High Quality Chinese Translation Services