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Chinese Translators and Mandarin & Cantonese Interpreters

Simplified or Traditional Chinese Translations to/from English

Areas of Specialization:

English Chinese Legal Translation Interpretation 法律文件翻译、法庭翻译、律师会议口译:

  • Translate Contracts, Corporate Minutes, Other Legal Documents, Notarized/Certified Translation, Attorney Client Meetings, Depositions, Court Hearings, Appointments at and Government Agencies, etc.

English Chinese Immigration Translation Interpretation 移民资料翻译、移民绿卡庇护面试口译 :

  • Notarized / Certified Translation for Certificates, Green Card or Citizenship Applications, Immigration Records & Statements, Immigration Interviews, etc.

English Chinese Business Translation Interpretation 商务合同资料翻译、国际商务会议及高端谈判口译:

    • Translate Financial Documents, Marketing, Website, Insurance, Tax, Corporate Documents, HR, Letters, General, Healthcare

English Chinese Technical Translation Interpretation 技术资料及专业网站翻译、技术会议口译

English Chinese Medical Translation Interpretation 医疗资料翻译、医疗会诊口译:

    • Medical Records, General Medical Translation, Health Care, Medicare, Medical Appointments Translation and Interpreting

English Chinese General Translation Interpretation in General Areas 其他文件翻译、各种会议口译:

    • Translate from English to Chinese, Translate from Chinese to English, Simplified or Traditional Chinese, Mandarin or Cantonese

English Chinese Translation & Interpretation Fees 中英文翻译费用:

  • Please call us or email your documents for a free quote!

    • Pay with PayPal or Credit Cards online securely at PayPal

    • Fees are based on the difficulty and complexity of the translation or interpretation services

    • Fees may be adjusted according to desired translation quality and delivery time

Certified Translation Services in California, USA (Chinese/English):

  • Specialize in Legal, Immigration, Technology, Business, Web Marketing, Medical, Real Estate.

  • Certified Translation for Certificates and Documents (Birth, Diploma, Degree, Marriage Certificates, Medical Records, etc.)

Mandarin & Cantonese Interpretation On-site or On-phone:

    • On-site: primarily serve San Francisco Bay Area, Sacramento Area and Los Angels Area in California, the US

    • On-phone: flexible schedule for phone translation & interpretation, contact us now to make an appointment

Services for Local Businesses and Individuals:

  • Headquarter in San Francisco Bay Areas

  • Most of our Mandarin & Cantonese Translators live in California

  • Offer Convenient Chinese Translation & Interpretation Services for local clients

  • Contact us now for a free quote!