Chinese Business Translation - 高级商务技术翻译

Our Mandarin & Cantonese Interpreters and Chinese Translators who specialize in Business Interpretation or Translation Services are graduates from top schools in China or the US, such as Tsinghua University, Beijing University, University of California, Berkeley. We are native Chinese speakers who have studied, worked and lived in the US for a long time. We are familiar with both American and Chinese business practices and etiquette, the cultural differences and nuances, business laws, contracts and other business and legal documents, technical terms and working knowledge in high tech, finance, tax, economics, legal and other business areas.

Our Mandarin or Cantonese Interpretation and Chinese Translation Services are professional, impartial, accurate and complete. We have helped American and Chinese companies' top managements, boards, investors, partners and staffs with business meetings, conferences, negotiations, interviews, contracts and other activities.


  • 加州湾区硅谷,专业中英文翻译服务(口译、笔译;国语、粤语)!

  • 我们的翻译大多是美籍华裔,毕业于清华、北大、或伯克利大学等名牌高校,不仅精通中文和英语,而且具备相关商务、技术、法律知识,熟悉美国主流文化和商业行为规范,并拥有多年美国公司实际工作经验,和在硅谷及旧金山湾区为中美商务会议提供高级翻译服务的丰富经验。

  • 高质量的翻译,助您成就商机!

Mandarin or Cantonese Interpreting Services for Businesses:

  • International Business Meetings

  • Business Contract Negotiations

  • Executive Meetings

  • Shareholders Meetings

  • Corporate Meetings

  • Business Conferences

  • Sales Presentations

  • Trade Shows

  • Job Interviews

  • Other Business Related Events

Chinese Translation Services for Businesses (Simplified or Traditional Chinese):

  • Business Contracts

  • Various Business Agreements

  • Business Records or Bylaws

  • Financial Statements

  • Employment Handbooks

  • Job Offer Letters

  • Health Insurance and Other Benefits

  • Business Letters/Emails/Other Correspondences

  • Product Manuals & Information

  • User Agreements

  • Business Websites

  • Marketing Brochures & Posters

  • Business Cards

  • Other Business Related Documents