Chinese Immigration Translation - 移民翻译


Certified Translations for USCIS

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) often requires Certified Translations when you apply for green card, citizenship, asylum or other legal immigration status. Our Chinese Translators and Interpreters have been helping Chinese immigrates to translate various certificates, such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, certificate of college diploma or degree and other legal documents. We have been helping immigration officers to communicate with Chinese who don't speak good English or don't understand any English at all.

All our Chinese Translators & Interpreters who specialize in immigration field have gone through the immigration processes ourselves. Most of us have become Unites States citizens many years ago or recently through naturalization. We are familiar with these Chinese applicants' personal needs as well as the US immigration procedures not only through our own experiences but also by helping many clients with their immigration applications. With our language expertise in Chinese Translation and rich experience in immigration processes, we will provide you value-added services far beyond simply translating or interpreting for you and help you find your way to stay in the US legally.

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Chinese Document Translation 中英文件翻译:

(Simplified or Traditional Chinese to/from English)

We provide Chinese English Immigration Translation & Interpretation Services for immigration attorneys, immigration officers and immigration applicants, including but not limited to the following:

  • Certified Translations (for USCIS or other officials)

  • Notarized Certification of Translation 翻译认证公证服务

  • Birth Certificate 出生证书翻译

    • Diploma Certificate (College, High School) 毕业证书翻译

    • Degree Certificate (Bachelor, Master, PhD) 学位证书翻译

    • Marriage Certificate 结婚证书翻译

    • Divorce Certificate 离婚证书翻译

    • Death Certificate 死亡证书翻译

    • Medical Records 医疗记录翻译

    • Bank Statements 银行账单翻译

    • Applicant's Statements 申请人陈述、证词翻译

    • Asylum/Refugee Application 政治庇护申请资料翻译

    • Green Card Application 绿卡申请资料翻译

    • Citizenship Application 美国公民申请资料翻译

    • Adjustment of Status 调整身份资料翻译

  • Various Immigration Documents 其他各种移民文件资料翻译

  • Simplified or Traditional Chinese 简体字或繁体字中文翻译

    • Word, PDF Files or Scanned Copies

    • Others

Chinese Interpretations / Oral Translations 中英文口译:

(Chinese Mandarin or Cantonese 国语、粤语)

  • Attorney Client Meetings

  • Green Card Application Interviews at USCIS (结婚绿卡及其他绿卡面谈等)

  • Citizenship Application Interviews at USCIS (老年人公民面谈等)

  • Asylum Interviews in San Francisco 旧金山政治庇护面谈翻译服务(不再提供此服务)

  • Appointments at Immigration Offices in California

  • Immigration Court Hearings

    • Civil or Criminal Court Hearings

  • Others

  • 普通话、广东话

如果您不会说英语,或者您不能准确地用英语与移民官面谈,移民局 (USCIS) 不会为你提供翻译人员。你必须自带翻译来进行面谈。你所聘请的翻译将在面谈中起到举足轻重的作用,因为...... (点击链接继续阅读)

USCIS Asylum Interview Schedule in San Francisco, California:


(for Affirmative Asylum Applicants in Category 3 as of April, 2017)

If you live under

the jurisdiction of…


We scheduled

interviews in…


For people

who filed in…