Chinese Legal Translation - 法律翻译

Legal translation is the translation of texts within the field of law that is a culture-dependent. Only professional translators who are specializing in legal translation should translate legal documents. The mistranslation of a passage in a contract, for example, could lead to lawsuits and loss of money.

Our Chinese English Legal Translators are all based in the US and have Master and above degrees from prestigious China universities and/or US law schools. We understand both US and China legal systems, terminologies in laws and culture nuance in these two very different countries. We master both Chinese and English languages with the subject matter expertise in legal areas.

Specialized Areas:


We provide Chinese English Legal Translations for attorneys, law firms, courts, government agencies, businesses and individuals for:

  • Contracts

  • Certificates

  • Various Legal Documents

  • Notarized/Certified Translations

  • Translate into/from Simplified or Traditional Chinese

    • Word, PDF Files or Scanned Copies

Including but not limited to the follow legal areas:

  • Civil Law

  • Personal Injury Law

  • Immigration Law 绿卡公民庇护等移民翻译服务

  • Family and Juvenile Law

  • Business Law

  • Contract Law

  • Tax Law

  • Property Law

  • Criminal Law

  • Government regulations

  • Local rules

  • Finance

  • Healthcare

  • Workers Compensation Insurance

  • Labor & Employment

  • Real Estate Litigation

  • Technology

  • Patent

  • Others

On-site or On-phone Interpretations:

(Chinese Mandarin or Cantonese)

California Superior Courts:

Chinese Legal Translation & Interpretation, US Based Chinese Translators

California’s court system is one of the largest in the world and serves a population of more than 38 million people—about 12 percent of the total U.S. population—and more than 2,000 judicial officers and approximately 19,000 judicial branch employees statewide address the full range of cases heard each year. The vast majority of cases in the California courts begin in one of the 58 superior, or trial, courts, which reside in each of the state’s 58 counties. With more than 500 court buildings throughout the state, these courts hear both civil and criminal cases as well as family, probate, mental health, juvenile, and traffic cases. Read more.

Contra Costa Superior Court

San Francisco Superior Court

Santa Clara Superior Court

Alameda County Superior Court

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