Strong Team - 翻译团队

English Chinese Translators Interpreters Team

We are a team of skilled and experienced English Chinese translators and interpreters based in the US who enjoy English Chinese translation, editing, interpretation and provide high quality professional language services to help you and your business overcome language barriers and connect to billions of people who speak English or Chinese and succeed globally!

Founder Michelle You is a seasoned English Chinese translator and interpreter as well as an experienced entrepreneur. Our business is growing and we are currently hiring more talented English Chinese translators and interpreters specialized in various areas. 

Legal Chinese Translation, Technical Chinese Translation, Business Chinese Translation, Financial Chinese Translation, Marketing Chinese Translation, Medical Chinese Translation, Website Localization, Certified Chinese Translation, High Quality Chinese Translation Services

High Quality English Chinese Translators Team:

A team of professional translators who have years of experience and specialize in certain areas, such as English Chinese legal translation, English Chinese financial translation, English Chinese technical translation, English Chinese marketing/market research translation, English Chinese business translation, English Chinese medical translation, English Chinese software localization, English Chinese Website translation and localization and other general areas.

High Quality English Chinese Interpreting Team:

A group of experienced English Chinese interpreters serve local businesses and communities on sites or interpret on the phone for clients worldwide.

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