Green Card Interview - 绿卡面谈

Post date: Oct 13, 2016 6:07:36 PM

Chinese Interpreter for Green Card Interview - 绿卡面谈英语翻译问题

Bring a Competent Chinese Interpreter / Translator to Your Green Card Interview

For Mandarin or Cantonese Speaking Applicant / Petitioner / Derivative


All adjustment of status applicants will be interviewed unless USCIS waives the interview.​ The adjustment of status interview, usually called the green card interview, enables United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) to obtain important information about the applicant and determine if the applicant has met the eligibility requirements.​ ​In family-based cases, USCIS generally require​s​ the petitioner to also appear for the interview with the adjustment of status (green card) applicant and any derivatives. Particularly in marriage-based cases, for example, an American husband will be required to go to the green card interview with his Chinese wife as her petitioner.

The green card interview provides the USCIS officer an opportunity to verify that the applicant understood the questions and provides the applicant an opportunity to revise any answers completed incorrectly or that have changed since filing the application, such as an applicant’s address or arrest record. Any unanswered questions must be resolved at the interview. If information is added or revised, then the applicant should re-sign and date the application at the conclusion of the interview.​

If you, your spouse, your parent or anyone else who is required to attend the green card interview is not fluent in English, USCIS may require use of an interpreter for the adjustment (green card) interview. In general, a disinterested party should be used as the interpreter​. For example, even if the husband is bilingual in English and Chinese, he may not interpret or translate for his wife who only speaks Mandarin or Cantonese at her green card interview, because it reduces the officer’s ability to compare the two answers and detect marriage frauds(婚姻欺诈).

The Chinese Interpreter / Translator will present his or her valid government-issued identity document and complete an interpreter’s oath and privacy release statement​. The Chinese Interpreter / Translator will translate what the officer and the applicant say word-for-word to the best of his or her ability without adding the interpreter’s own opinion, commentary, or answer.​