What will happen if your Chinese Translator / Interpreter is incompetent for Green Card Interview?

Post date: Oct 13, 2016 6:23:07 PM

USCIS reserves the right to disqualify the Chinese Interpreter / Translator provided by the applicant if ​the​ officer ​believes​ the integrity of the examination ​is ​compromised by the interpreter’s participation​ or ​the officer ​determines the interpreter is not competent to translate​. ​

If you bring in an incompetent Chinese Mandarin or Cantonese Interpreter / Translator who later has been disqualified by the immigration officer at the green card interview, your interview may be cancelled and rescheduled that may result in your green card application be delayed, and you may have to wait for a long time for your next scheduled appointment for your green card interview.

All our Chinese Translators & Interpreters who specialize in immigration field have gone through the immigration processes ourselves. Most of us have become Unites States citizens many years ago or recently through naturalization. We are familiar with these Chinese applicants' personal needs as well as the US immigration procedures not only through our own experiences but also by helping many clients with their immigration applications. With our language expertise in Chinese Translation and rich experience in immigration processes, we will provide you value-added services far beyond simply translating or interpreting for you and help you find your way to stay in the US legally.

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A Chinese Interpreter is a person specially trained to provide an oral translation in Mandarin or Cantonese to/from English, while a Chinese Translator translates written documents between English and Simplified or Traditional Chinese. Many people are not aware of the difference between the two professions and often refer an Interpreter as a Translator, so we use both of the two terms here to make it easier for people to understand. Some of our very experienced Chinese (Mandarin / Cantonese) Interpreters who possesses multiple talents are also very competent Chinese Translators.