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Chinese English Website Translation Services

Simplified Chinese (i.e. Official Chinese, Mandarin Chinese), Traditional Chinese (Hong Kong, Taiwan, etc.)

Our English Chinese Website Translation Team is here to help you translate your Website from English to Chinese and localize the contents in the way billions of Chinese are familiar and comfortable with. We can help you expand your business to more than 400 millions Web users who speak Chinese and spread the words for you to their families and friends and to billions more Chinese people in the world.

If you want us to translate your Website from Chinese to English, we can help you target Web users in English speaking countries and prompt your business online in well written English by native English speakers. We can help you bring your business from China, Singapore or any other locations to the whole world and become an international business.

Chinese English Web Translation and Marketing

We can do more than Web translation for your Website. We will also help your Internet marketing by improving the visibility and ranking of your Website to attract more visitors from the world each day with our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategies specially designed for you. You knew that we have done a good job for our own website if you found us from Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines.

Chinese English Website Translators & Team

Michelle You has been working as a Web Developer, Software Engineer (primarily working on Internet and Web based projects and Chinese software localization and translation projects) and IT project manager as well as a Chinese translator and interpreter in Beijing China, Singapore and USA for many years before she started her business adventures in financial industry. She is a Web master for Microsoft Websites and Web Servers and also was a Web master for other Web Servers on Windows and Unix systems.

She is very familiar with Web developing concepts and Search Engineer Optimization (SEO) strategies and keeping herself updated with new technologies whenever possible. She is leading our English Chinese Website Translation Team and welcoming more professional English Chinese translators aboard. She enjoy Website translation and other English Chinese translation jobs so much that translation has become her beloved lifelong career. She appreciates each and every English Chinese translator in the team for his/her talents, hard work and professionalism and look forward to more success for everybody including you and your business.

Chinese English Website Translation Fees and Price

Website contents can be very diverse. As a business owner and/or a Website owner, you have your particular markets and may have unique requirements on the English Chinese Website translations. Our English Chinese translation fees and price may vary depending on the nature of your Website and your specific requirements on the translation, localization and/or Web marketing. Please contact us and we will give you a free and no-obligation quote on the cost of the Website translation English to/from Simplified or Traditional Chinese).

We are looking forward to working with you and helping you to promote your Website and business to billions people in the world!

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